Salt Block 101

You may have noticed that the Himalayan salt block is definitely having a moment in the culinary world. Its rosy-pink color and versatility make it immensely Instagrammable, but there are plenty of other great reasons to add one to your rotation. A good-quality salt block is a cooking tool that not only looks beautiful incorporated into your favorite meals, but it’s an easy way to impart a lot of deep, delicious flavor. Intimidated? No need to be! Our how-to guide will help you learn to use and care for your salt block so you can cook like a pro.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

If there’s anyone that deserves a day of celebration, it’s Moms. So this Mother’s Day, make sure she knows how much you appreciate everything she does with something that will bring delight to her day. The best gifts for Mom come straight from the heart, so we’ve put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide to help you find something delicious for all of the special women in your life.

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