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Simply Bites

Take a bite out of exceptional flavor with our Simply Line of condiments. While we all know how to slice and stack our favorite Hickory Farms summer sausage and cheese upon our Golden Toasted Crackers, simply adding gourmet sauces will take snacking to a whole new level. We like to call these creations “simply bites.” We teamed up with Lori Krieger to create a handful of simply irresistible bite-sized combinations.

Each bite is unique and pairs together perfectly in its own way. Lori helped us decode each bite so that you too can create delicious cheese, meat, and sauce pairings like a pro.

Sweet & Salty Simply Bite

Simply Boozy Cran-Cherry Chutney + Smoked Cheddar Blend + Brown Sugar & Honey Turkey Summer Sausage

This bite is all about balance. We’ve taken a classic pairing, turkey and cranberries, and thrown in a little creaminess with the cheese to make a sweet, salty, and creamy bite that will have you coming back for more.

Sweet & Savory Simply Bite

Simply Fig Chutney + Reserve Triple Créme + Brown Sugar & Honey Turkey Summer Sausage + Golden Toasted Crackers

Classic sandwiches were an inspiration for this bite. Fig and turkey make a beautifully sweet and salty pair, while fig and brie make the perfect sweet and savory pair. Bring both of these pairings together and you’ve got balanced bite that’s classically sweet, savory, and delicious.

Sweet Hot Simply Bite

Simply Sweet & Spicy Relish + Reserve Apple Smoked Cheddar with Paprika + Signature Beef Summer Sausage + Golden Toasted Crackers

This bite is “in your face.” Often times it’s hard to find flavors to stand up to jalapeño. Our beef summer sausage and apple smoked wood cheddar do the trick! These big flavors bring heat and sweet to life in this one hearty bite.

Savory & Tangy Simply Bite

Simply Mustard Caviar + Simply Medium Cheddar + Simply Beef Summer Sausage + Golden Toasted Crackers

Mustard caviar has a texture that’s not only delicious, but almost addicting! It’s a fun topping that leaves you wanting more. The tanginess of the mustard caviar plus the saltiness of the beef summer sausage make a salty and savory pairing that will have you wanting more.

Savory Simply Bite

Simply Boozy Cherries + Reserve Triple Créme + Golden Toasted Crackers

Boozy cherries are super versatile (and super tasty). They can be used either as part of a savory dish or a dessert. We chose to pair boozy cherries and triple creme to replicate a cheesecake with each bite. This pairing is all about creamy decadence!

Spicy Simply Bite

Simply Spicy Basil Pesto + Jalapeño & Cheddar Blend + Spicy & Savory Beef Summer Sausage

Last, is our spicy bite. Every layer is packed with heat, which makes it an easy choice for anyone that loves spicy, savory flavors. The spicy basil pesto finishes off this bite by adding a little creamy heat to the top off this combination of flavors.

Which bite combination is your favorite? Share it with us on social using #HickoryFarms.

This recipe was provided by Lori Krieger, owner of Taste Elevated. Lori partners with Hickory Farms to offer a line of mustards, spreads and chutneys that are bursting with flavor.

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