How to Cook Ribs Like a Pro

Tender, juicy, smoky ribs are a summertime staple. Whether you’re celebrating Father’s Day, Independence Day, or just having a cookout with friends and family, ribs are always a dish guests love sinking their teeth into. Preparing smokehouse-worthy ribs right at home is easier than you think! We’ve got some expert tips for you so you can learn how to cook ribs like a pro, and a delicious recipe courtesy of Hickory Farms employee and BBQ champ Matt Barys.

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Red Wine-Marinated Filets

A little salt and pepper is all you need to make a delicious Pfaelzer Famous Filet Mignon, but we decided to add a little wine into the mix before throwing it on the grill. While a glass of red wine pairs well with a steak, or any type of beef, it’s also a flavorful addition to any recipe. Now it’s time to grab your favorite bottle of red and fire up the grill! Indulge in our red wine-marinated filets with candied summer vegetables.

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Hot Pepper Bacon Jam Cheeseburger

It’s time to get cheesy–with cheeseburgers! We decided to play around with a few of our favorite savory flavors to create a quick, easy, and delicious hot pepper bacon jam burger with cheddar cheese. With just a few ingredients you can whip up a unique burger that everyone will enjoy! But what makes this cheeseburger so tasty? It’s the mix of our juicy Pfaelzer Brothers burgers topped with hearty cheese and spicy Hickory Farms Hot Pepper Bacon Jam.

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