Meat, Cheese & Mustard Pairings with Beer

What could be better than finding the beer best friend for your favorite snack? We stacked up some of our most-loved products to create the perfect beer pairings. Try some of these combinations at your next game day gathering, for a Father’s Day party, or even just the next time you’re craving a savory snack teamed up with a refreshing brew.

Father's Day Beef Pairings


 Smoky beer pairings with meat, cheese and mustard

There’s something so satisfying about a bold, smoky flavor profile. We crafted our smoky stack with our Signature Beef Summer Sausage, Smoked Cheddar Blend, and our classic Sweet Hot Mustard. This combination would match up nicely with a beer that’s strong, brown, and slightly sweet in order to bring the smoke flavor front and center.

We love this bite paired up with Peanut Butter Victory at Sea by Ballast Point, but you could try it with Samuel Adams Double Bock, Shiner Bock, or Surly Bourbon One.


Spicy beer pairings with meat, cheese and mustard

If you like a little kick to your snack options, you’ll love the spicy combination we stacked up. We matched up our Spicy & Savory Beef Summer Sausage with Jalapeño Cheddar Blend and Honey Pineapple Mustard for a savory bite with a little heat.

This creation is excellent with a sip of Laugunitas IPA; the refreshing bitterness of this style of beer brings out the heat from the sausage and cheese and complements the mustard nicely. Or, you could try this combination with Ballast Point’s Pineapple Sculpin, Sweetwater’s Goin’ Coastal, or to really turn up the spice factor, Jeckyll’s Hop Dang Diggity Southern IPA that has a sweet and spicy combo of pineapple and habañero.


Sweet beer pairings with meat, cheese and mustard

For those of us who prefer a milder flavor without compromising taste, our sweet combination will definitely satisfy. We started with our Brown Sugar & Honey Turkey Summer Sausage, then stacked on Farmhouse Cheddar and finished with Cranberry Mustard.

For this sweet flavor profile, we like a malty beer that really balances the sweet and savory flavors of the meat, cheese, and mustard to create a cohesive bite. Our favorite pairing is with Nut Brown by AleSmith, but this combination would match up nicely with Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale or Brandywine’s Old New Castle Nut Brown Ale.

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