How to Pair Wine and Chocolate

Wine and chocolate make an incredibly decedent dessert for any occasion. We know that these treats pair well together, but getting the perfect combination of flavors can be tricky. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you pair wine and chocolate like a pro for any occasion.

how to pair wine and chocolate

Pairing Wine with Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates call for a wine that can stand up to a bold chocolate. Wines that pair well with dark, or semi-bitter, chocolate should be fuller bodied, with fruity aromas. While many people may be drawn to grabbing a dry wine, avoid pouring out a glass with your chocolate. Stick with more bold and fruity flavors to compliment the strength of the dark chocolate. To get the best pairing possible, make sure that the chocolate is at least little bit sweeter than the wine you’re drinking.

Red box with nine dark chocolate sea salt caramels

Wines to try with dark chocolate include:


Pairing Wine with Milk Chocolate

When it comes to milk chocolate, stick with a lighter bodied red wine. Just like with dark chocolate, you’ll want to make sure that your wine is a little sweeter than your chocolate. Try something with medium-bodied with fresh fruit aromas, or rich and sweet like a port.

Pile of milk chocolate sea salt caramels


Wines to try with milk chocolate include:

Pairing Wine with White Chocolate

White chocolate lives in a category of it’s own. Since white chocolate isn’t truly a chocolate, the rules of pairing dark and milk chocolate don’t apply. Pair white chocolate with both dry red wine and white wine. White chocolate can be sweetened up with chardonnay, a sweet sparkling wine, or even an Orange Muscat.

Two chocolate dipped apples, one with white chocolate and caramel and the second with milk chocolate and caramel

Wines to try with white chocolate:

  • Chardonnay
  • Riesling
  • Sherry
  • Sparking White Wine (Sweet)


In the end, there’s no perfect science to pairing wine and chocolate. The best way to find out what you like is by experimenting with different flavors. And how could you go wrong with taste testing wine and chocolate?


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